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  • Why should we take face washing serious

    Why should we take face washing seriously?


    Many students must wonder why you can not take a bath every day, but you must wash your face every day. This is closely related to the distribution of our sebaceous glands. The scalp, back, and face (especially the T region) have more sebaceous glands than the rest of the body, so it's easier to "oil out" than other parts of the body. The purpose of washing faces and showering is to wash away sweat, metabolized keratinization and superficial oily dirt. Many students saw the blackheads on their noses and washed them with facial milk once. Black head is already semi-solidified grease, and has not been superficial dirt, washing face is not going to get rid of the black head. Please, don't force your shampoo to do things that others can't do. Doing so will only hurt the cuticle that protects your skin. Why did you "oil"? Perhaps you will ask: "out of oil" is exactly why? What's the cause of oil? As I said, oil is related to your sebaceous glands secreting sebum. The secretion of sebum has a major relationship with androgen. That's why boys' faces are easier to shine. It is also related to temperature, age and diet. A hot, youthful, oily diet can make your sebum exuberant. But normally secreted sebum is not a bad thing. On the contrary, sebum protects your face to keep it moist from the outside world. It can be said that sebum is the best moisturizing cream. And when sebum secretion is too exuberant, accumulate in pore, present semisolid, add old waste dandruff to oxidize together, become hard to remove blackhead. That's the real bad thing. If you add hair follicle keratinization abnormal cause catheter clogging, bacteria mass reproduction, is also the hidden danger of acne. Most people made the same mistake! Please bubble before you wash your face! Please bubble first! Please bubble first! Because not first bubble, high concentration on the face, a very short time to your face itself should exist lipid wash away. If you are dry skin, or dry cheeks, wash the amount of facial milk please reduce the amount, as long as you can foam up to wash the whole face will be OK, focus on washing the T area, the dry part will be good. Even if you don't need clean face powder, you can buy bubble mesh. What can you do with a black head when you wash your face? As I said just now, the black-headed shampoo that has been formed cannot be washed off. But washing your face can prevent blackheads. Your black head is because you didn't pay enough attention to the tip of your nose. If you watch everyone wash their faces, most people always focus on washing their cheeks when they wash their faces, and the T area is always "carried by the hand". Then I found the blackhead and tried to wash my nose. After two days, I forgot to continue to "take it with you". So for the sake of forgetting the tip of your nose, a little trick is to develop the habit of "washing your nose first". Every time you wash your face, you pick up the facial milk, and you want to "wash your nose first". But still don't wash it. What about the blackheads already in place? I'll talk about it later. But prevention is more important! How long will it take to wash your face? It takes only 20 seconds for the same part, and 10 seconds for the dry part (say, the cheek). A 20-second schedule can take the oil away enough, and even if you continue massaging, it won't get cleaner and will only damage your skin. Many people feel like washing the face and washing dishes to feel like not slippery, tight, feel can be squeaked to clean up. But it's overcleaned by this time. The temperature of the washing water? Some people like to wash their faces with very hot water, feeling that the pores can be opened so that the grease can be thoroughly cleaned. Some people think cold water is good to wash their faces so that they can shrink the pores. If you read beauty magazines, there are also hot and cold alternations and different skin types and different water temperatures. The so-called dry skin with cold water, oily skin with hot water, neutral skin with warm water, he said a good reason I did not have a word. There is no such complexity, three words: use warm water. Warm water? how warm? About 36 degrees Celsius is best, but you certainly won't use the temperature to measure it, so the temperature of your own skin is about the same, and water that doesn't feel hot or cold is all right. In particular, sensitive skin, red blood silk students, can no longer engage in what hot and cold alternately Acria. Hand in hand? Towel? What do you wash your face with? You may have heard that not washing your face with a towel can damage the cuticle. But if your skin is normal neutral or oily, the use of towels will not have much impact if it is not rubbed hard. It is also possible to wash your face with a soft towel. If you are dry or sensitive, it is best to wash with your hands to reduce friction and irritation to the cuticle. There are many bacterial problems with towels. I usually use disinfectant detergent to sterilize towels on a regular basis and replace new towels every month. What is clockwise counterclockwise? You often see beauty magazines that say, "use soy-sized facial milk, make a delicate foam in the palm of your hand, and massage it clockwise." But why clockwise? Another magazine may be counterclockwise. It's actually a religious mystical ritual called "cosmetology." it's mainly about making you feel like you're performing a high-level and professional maintenance ritual. As for what's good for the skin, I don't know. It's not easy to wash your face. A lot of people turn their eyes. It's hard to wash your face. It takes a minute or two to get it done. You're a cat washing your face, okay?! In fact, it's not easy to wash your face! Editor will tell you a few points to wash your face, so that you will be younger and younger. 1. Wash your hands first Washing your hands before washing your face is an important step that most people ignore. The hand is the main part of carrying bacteria. Before washing your face, you must wash your hands first, so that you can ensure that the bacteria, grease and dirt on your hands will not be brought to your face. 2. Please wash your face with warm water Wash face water temperature do not overheat, especially in autumn and winter season, we all want to get up in the morning to picture a warm, the best wash face water temperature at 38 to 40 degrees is better, the skin touch slightly cool feeling is the best! 3. Don't ask for a quick, careful and gentle massage Simple facial massage skin gently, waiting for facial milk will clog dirt and sebum dissolve, this simple step, not only can effectively remove dirt, but also can tighten pores, so that the skin does not relax! 4. Don't wipe it directly with a towel after washing your face. Because the facial skin is relatively fragile, rough towel friction is easy to damage the surface of the skin, and produce wrinkles. And after using towels for a long time, easy to breed a variety of bacteria, so, after washing the face, you can choose to use a soft thick powder puff or sponge gently absorb dry moisture. Also remember to often wash puffs or sponges, preferably once a month ~ 5. Check hair for residue after cleaning The cleaning is done, but you don't think all the work has been done. Now you have to check the mirror to see if there is any residual cleanser around the hairline. Many people will ignore this step, and some people always like acne around their hairlines. Maybe it's because I missed this step! 6. Don't wash your face too often every day. Whether it's oily, dry, or mixed, it's generally enough to have one morning or night every day. Excessive cleaning can easily result in water-oil imbalance, increasing the risk of allergies and acne. For outdoor workers, the large amount of activity or contact with more contaminants of the crowd, can appropriately increase the number of face washing, wash should be timely moisturizing, in case the skin dry. ~The End~ All right, this is the first one. The second will talk about how to select facial cleanser and the misunderstanding of facial cleanser, and the third will talk about shampoo and exfoliation products.

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