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    How to remove black eye bags quickly? Eye bags are the most obnoxious to fashion women. Once they are formed, they will not only be "inseparable" but also "step-by-step". Part of the premature formation of eye bags is due to fat loss in the eye socket and nutrition disorder in the eye region. The other is related to the growth of age, which is irresistible . If you maintain your eyes well, you can delay the formation of eye bags. Eye bags do affect the appearance of beauty, in addition to unsightly, but also hinder the blood circulation of the eye, dermis layer glue fiber performance decreased, elasticity also gradually weakened, resulting in skin relaxation wrinkle, aggravating the formation of fish tail pattern. How many threats are your tender eyes exposed to every day? Mobile phones, computers, tablets make us dizzying; overtime late drama to make eye skin problems become increasingly prominent; black eye bags bring uneven skin color, fine lines lead to eye makeup is not delicate enough; the growing age of the eyes gradually covered with signs of the years. The appearance of black-eyed bags will undoubtedly affect our mood, gradually lose confidence in our own beauty, gradually cannot face up to our beloved ones,gradually have no interest in life. In fact, there is some ways to get rid of black bags. As long as we determine the cause of the black eye bag, determining the type according to the symptoms and using the right method, it is not difficult to remove the black eye bags. When that happens, you will be as beautiful as you are at the beginning of your life. The causes of eye pouch Pouch is the lower eyelid around the skin relaxation aging for cells lack of endogenous oxygen cannot hold the eye deposition of fat that frame and out, resulting in eye aging bloated signs. The formation of black eye bags is due to degenerative changes in lower eyelid skin, orbicularis oculi muscle, orbital septum fascia and orbital septum fat with age, resulting in skin relaxation and wrinkle increase, downward ptosis and herniation of orbicularis oculi muscle and orbital septum. It forms a pouch in the lower eyelid. What causes the pouch? Lack of sleep Sleep is the enemy of beauty, skin metabolism in the night is blocked,which is easy to appear dry skin, spots, black bags, wrinkles and so on. Also,staying up will also make people hormone levels imbalance, induced acne. Allergy Allergic rhinitis caused serious nasal congestion and the orbital tissue around the nose blood circulation is blocked, causing small blood vessels dilate and congestion.Additionally, this part of the skin is so thin that it looks darker, which is called bear eyes. In general, in addition to doing eye massage to promote blood circulation, the most important is to treat allergic rhinitis. Only rhinitis control can fundamentally eliminate black circles. After a period of anti-allergic treatment, the patient's rhinitis was controlled, black circles also gradually disappeared. smoking Black bags have a lot to do with smoking for the black eye bags caused by the lack of tissue oxygen supply. Besides, the accumulation of metabolic waste in the blood vessels is too much, resulting in eye pigmentation. Heredity Heredity is an significant factor that will become more and more obvious with age. In addition, people in long-term life and work, due to improper rest, overwork, poor sleep, kidney disease, pregnancy or fatigue can cause eye fluid accumulation to form eye bags. Eye bags, black bags are not only a symbol of aging, but also affect beauty. What types of pouch do you have? Overflow type: The main manifestations are the increase of fat tissue in orbital septum, wrinkles, skin relaxation, decreased tension, formation of orbital septum fat herniation, in the lower eyelid open into obvious relaxation, bloated. Oedema type: There is no fat increase, because the lower eyelid skin thin, subcutaneous tissue thin and loose, in insufficient sleep or drinking too much water before bed to form eye fluid accumulation and formation of the pouch. Hypertrophic-orbicularis oculi muscle: The bloated formation of the lower eyelid is mainly related to heredity. When young, the skin of the eye is not loose,which deepens with the increase of age. Hybrid: Usually appear in the 30-year-old age and it will deepen with age, synthesis (fat type, edematous type, orbicularis oculi muscle hypertrophy type) more than two or more of the phenomenon produced by the pouch. How to prevent pouch? Gentle treatment of eye skin The skin around the eyes is extremely weak, make-up or removing make-up the movement that should be gentle and do not pull the skin forcefully. When removing makeup, it is best to gently wipe the skin around your eyes with disposable cotton. For the eyeliner and other makeup extremely easy to remain on the skin, applying cotton swab to remove makeup water or makeup removal cream thoroughly clean. Don't scratch eyelids when drawing eyeliner When drawing eyelids, do not pull eyelids as the principle, for convenience, you can gently press on the surface with dry powder to stabilize the position of the hand,which is not easy to draw the wrong position. Reducing the number of times you pull your eyelids can also reduce damage to the skin around your eyes. Don't wash your face with rough towels. When washing the face, it is better to wash the skin around your eyes with cotton than with a rough towel for it is easy to accumulate bacteria and to pull facial skin tissue. Don't rip off your eyelids,while wearing contact lenses. If you want to wear lenses conveniently, you can gently pull up your eyelids. Multiple pull-down eyelids can aggravate the formation of pouch. Get rid of bad eye-using habits Don't get into the bad habit of rubbing, squinting, and blinking. Rubbing eyes frequently can cause damage to the skin around the eyes, accelerating aging around the eyes and causing other problems. Avoid exposure of your eyes to the sun When the sun is strong, wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes. Eye skin is very fragile, after sunburn, more difficult to recover, resulting in black circles that are difficult to remove. Black circles exist for a long time to form a significant aging pouch. Don't lose too much weight. Avoid losing weight by dieting, as a result of malnutrition or sudden weight loss, because the rapid change on weight can affect skin elasticity,which is about the state of the skin around the eye. Weight loss should choose the right way, with exercise and diet control . While slimming, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can also better protect the skin around the eyes. Drink plenty of water Drink more water at least eight glasses every day, especially when you wake up in the morning in a way that helps speed up intestinal peristalsis and promote defecation.However, it is not appropriate to drink too much water at night. It is easy to get up at night for drinking too much water, affecting the quality of sleep. The next day the eye may swell and or some other symptoms. Apply eye cream Apply eye cream in the morning and evening. Using moisturizing eye cream to replenish moisture in the morning and evening with eye Gel, which has the effect of toning the skin. Apply eye cream with your fingers and gently massage around your eyes. Remove makeup thoroughly Eye makeup removal uses a special makeup remover, which can gently and thoroughly remove general and even oily waterproof eye cosmetics, and at the same time moisturize the eye skin. The methods of removing black eye bag Ice compress Apply ice pads or frozen towels to the eyes, causing blood vessels around the eyes to contract and helping the skin around the eyes reduce swelling, also inhibiting congestion. Tea wrapping eye Drain the soaked tea bag, placing it in the refrigerator for a moment and removing the application. Remember to filter dry, otherwise the color of tea will make black bags more obvious. Potato chips for eye application Potatoes have whitening effect, the potato cut into thin slices and applied to the black eye bag that whitening black eye bag in the skin, thereby improving the condition of black eye bag. Properly apply eye cream or eye membranes: There are many eye creams and eye membranes have the effect of whitening and moisturizing, applying eye cream with some gentle eye massage, soothing the invasion of black eye bags, whitening repair eye cream is relevant,which is directly aimed at the causes of melanin formation formula and it absorbs better. If the time is more abundant, it will be better to do a moisturizing and soothing eye film, relieving eye fatigue. At the same time, moisturize the eye skin. The skin of the eye is very delicate, if the eye cream is not used properly, not only cannot reduce fine lines, but also may deepen. First use your right ring finger to dip in half a grain of rice-sized eye cream, clicking under the right eye, and gently pulling the lower eyelid of the right eye down a little bit with your left hand. Its main function is to flatten the fine lines of the eye so that the eye cream infiltrates into these fine lines. Use your right ring finger to massage the entire circle clockwise from the lower right corner of the right eye until it is completely absorbed. It's usually four to five laps. The operation of the left eye is the same as that of the right eye. Finally, with the ring finger of both hands, gently pat the corresponding eyes, especially the part of the pouch, which helps the blood circulation and reduces the formation of the black eye bag. Use concealer product Apply concealer products to the black eye bag area before powder base, gently massaging until the concealer product is evenly smeared completely and then apply makeup. The color of the eye bag should be consistent with the color of the face, do not apply a bright color. In addition, avoid taking aspirin during periods of black eye bag problems, as aspirin is an anticoagulant that can make the congestion that causes the black eye bag even worse. Food supplement method The method of eliminating black eye bag is 50 grams black ear, 10 jujube, 100 grams brown sugar, 2 times a day. Take it frequently, with the effect of eliminating black eye bags. This methodology should be persistent and should not be lazy. Use a mask to dispel a bag Facial mask is a pure traditional Chinese medicine formula that does not contain any chemical components and synthetic ingredients. Main ingredients: Pearl, bird's nest, Altay snow lotus, black tip snake gall and other 11 kinds of natural Chinese medicine essence. Egg silver ring Boil the eggs, shell them, wrap them with towels, and place them in a pure silver ring. Close your eyes and turn around the eye about 10 times on each side. Heat plus massage can increase the eye blood circulation. The buried eggs and pure silver has the function of dispersing blood stasis. Eye application with lotus root residue Rinse the lotus root, scrape the horseshoe, and then cut the lotus hoof into pieces. Add the material to the sweat press and stir with 2 cups of water. Separate the water from the residue and apply the eye for 10 minutes. Solution: Lotus root and horseshoe powder, iron and protein that has the effect of dispersing blood and removing blood stasis. Persimmon eye dressing Cut the persimmon. Use spoon to dig out persimmon meat, mix well. Apply your eyes for 10 minutes and wipe them off with a wet towel. Better apply it sooner or later. Persimmon is better done. Persimmon is rich in vitamin C, which enhances the skin's ability to renew. Beehive royal jelly 1 teaspoon of bee powder + 1 spoonful of royal jelly. After mixing, apply a thin layer to the position of the black eye bag. Wash it in clear water 1 hour later. Once a day, 1 week. Royal jelly contains amino acids, has bleaching effect, and has the effect of promoting aging metabolism. Bovine breast eye membrane Soak the skimmed milk with cotton flakes and place it on your eyelids. Twice a day for 10 minutes. The best time to apply the eye membrane: one week after the menstrual period, estrogen secretion is exuberant in the body, metabolism increased rapidly and absorption ability became better. This is the most effective. When taking a bath, you can speed up the cycle by applying it while you are blistering. After exercise, metabolism increases, can speed up absorption. Nutrients operate in sleep, can play more effectively . Use cucumber and apple slices as eye film to ease black eye bags. Slice cucumber or apple and apply them to the eye pouch. Twice a day for 15 minutes. Improve working method In today's fast pace of life, many people choose to stay up late to finish work or entertainment, exacerbating the formation of black eye bags. The improvement of sleep method advocates people to optimize their lifestyle, reduce the number of staying up late, ensure adequate sleep, improve the quality of sleep, drink less water before bed so as to achieve the purpose of removing black eye bags. Optimize eating habits: (1) if black pouch is caused by poor liver function, more green vegetables such as leisure, celery and chrysanthemum should be eaten, and fruit should be eaten more citrus. (2) drinking one cup of jujube water a day will help speed up the blood gas flow, reduce the accumulation of blood stasis, and reduce the chance of developing black eye bags due to anemia. (3) drink a standard of turnip juice or tomato juice in the morning, the carotene contained in it has the function of eliminating eye fatigue. (4) drink more water, effectively discharge waste from the body, reduce the chance of accumulation, and also reduce black eye bags, preferably eight cups a day. (5) the lack of powder, iron and vitamin C will lead to the appearance of black eye bags. Therefore, we should take more nutrition in this area on weekdays, such as rice, pig liver, spinach, tomato and so on. Eat foods rich in vitamin A and B, such as carrots, potatoes, soy products and the liver of animals. Often massage eyelid, promote blood circulation. Finger massage around the eye, palms or fingers can be used to stimulate the rhythm of the skin tissue, muscle, nervous system, and promoting the circulation of blood and lymph. As the blood circulates smoothly, oxygen and nutrients are delivered to tissues in a timely manner and metabolism speeds up. Early or late, two times a week, 5 minutes each facial massage can promote blood circulation, giving you a natural balance of healthy skin color. Eye skin is the most fragile, so eye massage is especially fastidious. If it is difficult for a moment to master the manipulation and strength of eye massage, hot compress is undoubtedly the best choice. Hot compress, through the heat and evaporation of moisture to promote the skin's blood vessels and pores to open, increase the flow of blood to the skin, help speed up the metabolism of old skin cells, thereby soften the skin, accelerate the removal of black bags. -- Promote the ocular blood circulation more effectively with the help of eye-beautified equipment -the equipment is a high-tech intelligent personal care and beauty apparatus, using the latest research and development of massage technology by stimulating fat movement rupture so as to achieve the removal of eye bags, black circles of the effect. Small shape, heating gear, vibration gear and heating plus vibration gear three modes. Heating 42 °comfortable constant temperature to clear the blood around the eyes, iron away bags, black circles. After heating for 3 seconds, the temperature after heating is maintained at 42 °constant temperature, 42 °is the suitable temperature for relieving sensitivity and fatigue, and it is also a safe temperature. This temperature will relax around the eye, stimulate eye vitality, promote blood circulation around the eye, iron away the eye bag, play down the dark circles, the eyes will naturally become good-looking. 02 vibration gear high-frequency vibration excitation eye angle vitality, tight around the eye, eliminate edema. Vibration gear is by heating + vibration gear double-effect crushing fat, desalination pigment, stimulate collagen production. Heating + vibration is to open the pores through the warm state, then with high-frequency vibration, micro-current into the skin dermis, intermittent short-and long-vibration technology, stimulate the eye meridian, reduce eye vitality to tighten the eye, eliminate edema. 03 enter the bottom of the skin with nutrients. Helps dilute pigmentation around the eye, stimulates collagen production, makes the corner skin Q-tight, and breaks the periocular fat during exercise, removing edema and pouch. Quick introduction with eye cream, away from fat grains! Night with eye cream can be combined with eye massage, it can quickly introduce eye cream, to avoid the formation of fat particles. Carry it with you, do SPA, to your eyes at any time and anywhere. It fits well with your eyes and can massage the skin and acupoints around your eyes in an all-round way. Slowly massage the eye from the inside out, press the eye bag laterally, and massage the eye lines longitudinally-longitudinally. Attention to removing pouch Remove eye bags quickly is not reliable. People who are anxious to get rid of eye bags quickly may skip the most effective eye cream and choose a faster way to remove them, such as laser bags. You should have a general understanding of the consequences of a laser eye bag before it is removed. The laser is prone to some problems, such as flabby skin, reduced elasticity, and wrinkles. To solve all kinds of eye skin problems, sunscreen is the first priority. Strong ultraviolet radiation can damage the skin, no matter what weather should be put on sunscreen, remember to remove makeup. A healthy lifestyle is important. A healthy diet, eat more bean products, vegetables and so on, which can delay aging, pure natural anti-aging food to eat a little, such as jujube. In addition, proper exercise, such as running and yoga, can maintain the skin's metabolism. As long as you stick to a healthy life, a good mood that the skin is still perfect, after 25 years old, still glowing. When you wake up, finding a edema pouch that can eased by two ways. The first is cold compress, using ice mat or frozen towel applied to the eyes so that the blood vessels around the eyes shrink in a way that helps the skin around the eyes to reduce swelling and also can inhibit congestion. The second is to soak the towel in hot water, gently drain the water, fold the towel and grow into a strip, then apply it to the skin of the eye, close your eyes and keep your eyes relaxed for about 3 minutes, and re-apply the towel to the eyes. - -- --



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